Wu-Chang is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. He is voiced by Keone Young.


He is the Imperial Sorcerer of the Kingdom of Wei-Ling. Many years ago, the Jade Jaguar ravaged Wei-Ling and stole many valuables. Because of this, Emperor Quon dispatched him to deal with the Jaguar. Casting a spell to make himself a zooipath, Wu-Chang offered 10,000 pieces of treasure in exchange for him remaining in his cave, which the jaguar agreed to. He also learned about the trap the jaguar set for intruders who enter his cave. He also made a map to the Jaguar's cave which was locked away by Quon in a statue of the Jaguar.

In his debut appearance, he entertains the Princesses with magical tea, a trick Amber praises, saying he's better than Cedric. He even shared Sofia's worries for Roland and Quon. When Sofia insisted they go and rescue their families before it was too late, the sorcerer helped them get on their way by giving them explorer hats, showing them a shortcut, and told them about a secret passage that would help them avoid the trap set up by the Jaguar. As the princesses set off, Wu-Chang stayed behind to alert the Imperial Guards.

Wu-Chang reappears in "The Bamboo Kite". He first appears when he tells Sofia and Jin that Jun has the summer sniffles. He offers to cure Jun with some Men-Saing but Emperor Quon brushes him aside for the advice of his Adviser of All Things New. Sofia and Jin later come to him and tell him they are willing to try to cure Jun his way. During the journey to get the Men-Saing, Wu-Chang quickly proves the worth of the old ideas he loves. Thanks to his old ideas and Jin's new gadgets, they are able to get the Men-Saing in time to cure Jun.