Trolls are a special type of humanoid creature in the series Sofia the First. Trolls are depicted many different ways in modern media. In the series, trolls are short, green, clothes-wearing, ape-like creatures. They have large yellow eyes, long ears, and stay out of bright sunlight, preferring to live in caves and only come out at night. Trolls carry large clubs, but despite rumors of their ferocity, they are peaceful creatures, and bang their clubs to make music.

Apparently, in the history of Enchancia, there have been hostile interactions between trolls and humans. King Roland II's father, King Roland I, banished the trolls to their cave under the bridge after he believed they were attacking the castle.

The episode "Let the Good Times Troll" had a plot centered on trolls, and this is where most of the information about trolls comes from.

Notable Individuals


Gnarly is a mature male troll, and he appears to be a leader of the Enchancian trolls. He has green hair, and orange irises. Like all the trolls, he wears rather tattered clothes, and may initially appear intimidating, but he is kind at heart. 


Teeni is Gnarly's baby sister. She is the youngest troll shown in the series. She is very small, sweet, and innocent.

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