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Kingdom Unknown
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At Royal Prep, the students are doing Enchanted Gardening with Princess Kari producing exceptional results. Kari is revealed to be the most accomplished Princess at Royal Prep. Flora and Miss Elodie announce that Royal Prep will be hosting an Arts Night in two days. Sofia, Amber, And Kari all volunter for the ballet. Kari is determined to be perfect since her mother was a prima ballrina when she was a student at Royal Prep.

The three Princesses begin their ballet rehersal with Miss Elodie. Kari quickly reveals that she's as much a perfectionist as Sofia is. When Sofia and Amber go out for recess, Kari continues to practice, to Sofia's concern. At the end of the day, Kari meets up with her mother, who is revealed to have high expectations of her daughter.

The next day, Kari is revealed to have shown up early for practice, to the concern of Sofia, Amber, and Miss Elodiewho all fear she's taking this way too seriously. During a duet, Kari reveals that she's a perfectionist for the same reason Sofia is. Sofia tells her she's doing fine and just needs to relax and have fun. Miss Elodie asks her old teacher Sergio Adagio to teach her and he does so.

The next day, Kari messes up her routine and she runs off. Sofia goes after Kari and finally gets her to understand that the point is to have fun. That night, Kari finally relaxes and enjoys herself, wowing the crowd with Sofia and Amber. Queen Tessa walks up to Kariand tells her she's proud of her and does the Kari hop her daughter invented during rehersal. 


The Princess Ballet Transcript

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