The Baker King
Theme song:

♪ I was a girl in the village doing all right ♪
♪ Then I became a princess overnight ♪
♪ Now I got to figure out how to do it right ♪
♪ So much to learn and see ♪
♪ Up in the castle with my new family ♪
♪ And a school that's just for royalty ♪
♪ A whole enchanted world is waiting for me ♪
♪ I'm so excited to be ♪
♪ Sofia, the first ♪
♪ I'm finding out what being royal's all about ♪
♪ Sofia the first ♪
♪ Making my way,it's an adventure every day ♪
♪ Sofia ♪
♪ It's gonna be my time ♪
♪ Sofia ♪
♪ To show them all that I'm Sofia the first ♪

Interior. Sofia's bedroom.
Violet: Princess Sofia! rise and shine!
Sofia: Good morning, Violet!
Violet: And what would you like to wear today, milady?
Sofia: My purple dress.
Violet: Right, purple it is. But which purple dress?
Sofia: I guess I do have a lot. how about that one?
Violet: Here you go.
Sofia: Thanks. I can put it on.
Violet: You know, tomorrow, I get to wear a fancy dress, too!
Sofia: You mean for the villagers ball?
Violet: Oh, yes! It's so lovely of King Roland to throw a party for everyone in town.
Sofia: My mom and I used to go every year when we lived in the village. But this will be my first time going as a princess!
Violet: Oh, the whole town's so excited! Everyone in Dunwiddie looks forward to the villagers ball all year!
Sofia: Oh! Time for breakfast! Thanks Violet! Maybe later I can help you pick out your dress for the ball.
Violet: You're too sweet, milady, but it's my job to serve you.
Interior. Dining hall.
Roland: I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm famished.
Baileywick: Excuse me, your majesty, but we have quite a bit to do today and a few things need your immediate attention.
Roland: All right, Baileywick. go ahead.
Baileywick: The new schoolhouse is finished, when should we open it?
Roland: Tomorrow, and I'll be there myself for the opening.
Baileywick: Excellent, the village playground needs new equipment.
Roland: Swings, see-saw, and a dragon-shaped slide.
Baileywick: There aren't enough vegetables in the community garden to feed the villagers. What should we do?
Roland: Plant more seeds. Then have Cedric sprinkle them with his magical grow-fast powder. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to eat my breakfast. Most important meal of the day, you know.
Baileywick: Actually, your majesty, we still have a few things to take care of.
Roland: How many things?
Baileywick: Pardon me, Queen Miranda.
Sofia: Whoa, dad sure has a lot to do today!
Amber: He always has a lot to do, Sofia, he's the king.
Roland: Looks like I'm in for another busy day.
Baileywick: Indeed, now what kind of cake would you like for the villagers ball?
Roland: Cake? On top of everything else, I have to worry about cake?
Sofia: We can do that for you, Dad, since you have so much to do.
Roland: That would be great, Sofia. thank you.
Baileywick: Just write down what kind of cake you want on the order form and I'll bring it to the village baker.
Sofia: No problem!
Baileywick: Now we must be off to the throne room, your majesty. You're already late for your first appointment.
Roland: I'm on my way!
Miranda: And I'm off to the attic to look for decorations for the ball tomorrow.
Sofia: So, what kind of cake should we order?
Amber: I vote for strawberry.
James: With lots of chocolate chips! And vanilla frosting!
Amber: I think the cake should be 99 layers tall!
Sofia: 99?
Amber: Okay, make it a hundred.
Sofia: One hundred it is. I'm going to bring this to dad. You know, we should try to help him as much as we can today.
James: I'll help him eat his muffin!
Interior. Hallway.
Sofia: Dad! wait! Here.
Roland: 100 layers? Oh, that must have been Amber's idea. Thanks, Sofia. you've been a big help.
Sofia: Dad, wait! I can help you more. All day if you want!
Roland: Mm, I'd love that.
Sofia: Great! what are we doing first?
Interior. Throne room.
Baileywick: These are the funniest jesters in the kingdom. But only one can be the new court jester.
Roland: Hmm, which one do you like, Sofia?
Sofia: He's really funny!
Baileywick: Excuse me, your majesty. This urgent note just arrived from king Nasir of Khaldoun.
Roland: Oh.
Sofia: Dad, you've got to see this!
Roland: Just a moment. Nasir wants to borrow some flying horses. That's fine, but tell him he needs to return our royal toolbox some time this year.
Baileywick: Yes, your majesty.
Sofia: Thank you! There! He's the one! Mr. Teapot!
Roland: Baileywick, that's the new jester.
Baileywick: Excellent, then it's on to the knighting ceremony. And after that, you'll need to approve the expansion plans for the enchanted animal park and meet with Constable Myles about the elf situation.
Roland: The elf situation?
Interior. Grand staircase.
Baileywick: Good news, your Majesty, we've finished everything on your list.
Roland: Finally. I'm exhausted.
Baileywick: Then I'll make sure dinner is served right away so you can get to bed early tonight. We have an even bigger day tomorrow.
Roland: Hey, great.
Interior. Hallway.
Sofia: Hi, mom! what are you doing?
Miranda: Oh, just sprucing up the castle for the villagers ball. Look, I found this mirror tucked away in the back of the attic.
Roland: Hmm, I don't think I've ever seen it before.
Sofia: It's very unusual.
Miranda: I know. isn't it great? Well, I'm going to go check on the ballroom. See you at dinner.
Sofia: Okay. Bye, mom! Oh, the mirror's crooked!
Roland: Well, a king's work is never done. Still not- Well, it's straight enough. I forgot to give Baileywick the cake order.
Sofia: I can bring it to him, you've had a real long day.
Roland: I sure have. Imagine what an easy life the village baker must have.
Sofia: What do you mean?
Roland: Well, all he has to do is bake bread and cake. Whereas I have a whole kingdom to run. On days like this, I wish I were the village baker. It would be such a simple life, just the five of us. Well, we better get to dinner while I still have time to eat it.
Sofia: Okay. What's that? Huh. I must be seeing things.
Interior. The bakery bedroom.
Sofia: Huh? Where am i?
Amber: Oh, just one more tiara, daddy, please?
Sofia: Amber, wake up!
Amber: What are you doing in my room?
Sofia: This isn't your room.
Amber: Where are we? And why is there only one dress in that closet? And, where's my tiara?
Roland: Amber? Whoa! ugh! Is everyone okay?
James: Where are we?
Amber: And whose nightgown am I wearing?
Roland: I don't know.
Miranda: Look! There's the castle. We must be in the village!
Roland: That can't be, we all went to bed in the castle last night. Baileywick! Someone's at the door!
Sofia: Uh, I don't think Baileywick's here.
Roland: Okay, everyone get dressed.
Amber: This is the ugliest dress I've ever seen.
Sofia: That's not a dress, amber. it's an apron.
Roland: Coming!
Sofia: Uh, this looks like a bakery.
Roland: Uh, hello?
Man: 'Morning, everyone! Two loaves of bread, please, roland!
Roland: Excuse me?
Man: Two loaves of bread!
Roland: Why are you asking me?
Man: Because you're the baker.
Roland: No, I'm the king!
Man: You? the king? Ha! That's a good joke. Everyone knows you're Roland the Baker!
Roland: B-b-baker?
Man: Let me guess, next you'll tell me you're the queen?
Amber No. I'm the princess.
Man: What a sense of humor you all have! So, Roland, can I have my bread now?
Sofia: Here you go.
Man: Thanks. The king.
Sofia: Bye!
Miranda: What's going on?
Amber: Why would that man think you're a baker, daddy?
Roland: I have no idea.
Sofia: I think I do. Yesterday, at the castle, dad wished he was a baker.
Roland: I did? You're right, Sofia. I did.
Miranda: Well, it looks like your wish came true. But how?
Roland: I don't know, maybe some kind of magic spell was cast on us.
James: Maybe Cedric messed up one of his spells again.
Amber: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get back to the castle and undo the spell .. bake something!
Roland: Wait, this spell might not be such a bad thing. I mean, we could look at it as a vacation!
Sofia: A vacation?
Amber: A vacation?
Roland: Yeah. life in the castle is so busy and demanding. This is my chance to get a break from being king. If we stay here, all we have to do is bake some bread. Then we can relax and spend some time together.
Miranda: Oh, Rollie, I know it sounds good, but I used to live in the village and I'm not sure being a baker is as easy as you think.
Roland: It couldn't possibly be harder than being king! So what do you say everyone?
Miranda: Well, if that's what you really want-
Sofia: I'll do it.
James: Me, too. could be fun.
Amber: Or it could be horrible. I want to go back to the castle. Now, daddy.
Sofia: Come on, Amber. Dad needs a break. Can't you just do this for him?
Roland: Oh, pretty please?
Amber: Fine, I'll stay, but I won't like it.
Roland: Thanks, everyone! Now let's do a little baking and then a lot of relaxing! huh?
James: But, Dad, we don't know how to bake.
Sofia: That's okay. mom and I can teach you.
Miranda: Not unless we get some more flour!
Sofia: And milk and eggs.
Exterior. The barn.
James: Here, chicky, chicky! I need your eggs, please! Why does she keep running away?
Sofia: Probably because you're chasing her. You should check the chicken coop.
James: Oh. good idea!
Amber: I've got the flour! Help!
Sofia: What are you doing, dad?
Roland: I'm getting milk! Cow, I command you to give me milk this instant!
Sofia: I don't think that's how it works.
Roland: It isn't?
Miranda: I'll show you, dear.
Roland: Hmm. fascinating!
James: Ah! oops!
Amber: The chicken's coming! The chicken's coming! Run!
Roland: Oh, boy. Perhaps we should get inside and start baking.
Interior. The kitchen.
Sofia: To make bread, first you gently sift the flour.
Roland: Got it. Sift the flour! Oh my! I can't see anything! Oof!
Sofia: Uh, I think some of that flour made it into the bowl.
Amber: And the rest of it is all over us.
James: I know! Isn't it great!
Miranda: Perhaps baking is a little harder than you thought.
Roland: It's only our first time. I'm sure we'll get better at it.
Amber: Well, I'm ready to go back to the castle whenever you are, daddy.
Roland: Uh-uh, not so fast. We've hardly given this simple life a chance!

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