Name Tangu
Shows Sofia the First
Ruler King Habib (king)
Queen Farnaz (queen)
Prince Zandar (prince)
Inhabitants Madam Ubetcha, Magic Carpet , Wendell Fidget, Mrs. Fidget
Visitors Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Prince James, Princess Hildegard, Princess Clio, Princess Vivian, Princess Jun, Prince Rupert, Princess Jasmine, Minimus, Jasper, Onyx and Opal, King Roland II, Queen Miranda

</noinclude>Tangu is a desert kingdom that appears in Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First ruled by Prince Zandar's father King Habib.


Like the Kingdom of Agrabah, Tangu is located in the desert where magic carpets and tropical oases exist. Sofia's first visit to Tangu was visiting Zandar, who had a big party ready at Tangu Peak for her and her friends. They got there by flying magic carpets but Sofia and Amber's carpet decided to take them on a joyride across Tangu. The two Princesses accidentally got to see the whole kingdom while Zandar and the other royals enjoyed the party at Tangu Peak. Sofia and Amber tried to get to Tangu Peak but they were unable to control their carpet until Princess Jasmine taught them how to tame it.

When the flying horses began to disappear in "Minimus is Missing", Sofia, Amber and James followed a herd of them to Tangu, where they were lured by a bratty wizard named Wendell Fidget to the Hanging Gardens. After Wendell was defeated and punished by his mother, they freed the horses and flew them home.

Places of Interest

  • Tangu Peak is the highest mountain in Tangu where stands a palace full of Tangu surprises. Numerous kinds of fruit and tea and dancing elephants on carpets.
  • The Hanging Gardens is an oasis of bamboo trees so tall the only way in or out is through the very top of the trees by flying a magic carpet or animal capable of flight.
  • Tangu Village is a small village somewhere in the desert.
  • Tangu Palace is the dwelling of the Royal Family and Royal Court of Tangu