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Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess 
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is an animated special that premiered on November 18, 2012 on Disney Junior. It is set to act as the pilot for the upcoming animated series to premiere early 2013 starring the titular protagonist Sofia , and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather  from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Set in the storybook world of Enchancia, the music-filled movie follows Sofia, an average girl whose life suddenly changes when her mother marries the king and she is whisked off to live in a castle with her mom, new step-father, King Roland II , and step-siblings, Amber and James . Along the way this ordinary girl learns to navigate the extraordinary life of royalty, and in the process makes everyone around her feel special.

Helping Sofia along the way are the three headmistresses of Royal Prep Academy  - Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (the beloved fairies seen in Disney's classic "Sleeping Beauty"); the royal steward, Baileywick ; and a group of cute woodland creatures led by the wise-talking rabbit Clover ; as well as Cinderella, a classic Disney Princess, who makes a special visit to offer Sofia words of wisdom. However, not everyone is looking out for Sofia's best interests, including the bumbling royal sorcerer, Cedric , who takes an interest in Sofia only when he recognizes that her welcome gift from the King is the magical Amulet of Avalor . To no avail, Cedric is always looking for ways to trick Sofia into handing the special amulet over to him so that he can utilize the powers locked inside it to achieve his lifelong dream of taking over the kingdom of Enchancia.


As with many of the classic Disney movies, music plays an important role in "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" and the "Sofia the First" series. The movie features five original songs ranging in musical styles from contemporary pop in songs like "Rise and Shine" and ballads like "Not Ready To Be A Princess" to those with more of a traditional classic Disney feature film style like "Royal Prep" performed by Fauna, Flora and Merryweather; "True Sisters" performed by Sofia and Cinderella; and "A Little Bit of Food," a fun, upbeat song performed by Clover that uncovers the mystery of why woodland creatures have been hanging around princesses for years.



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The special got the 5th most viewers for the week, with 5.151 million viewers, the highest for any Disney animated special since Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! in 2009. It was #1 or #2 for several areas: Top cartoon, non-sports program, top 1 hour show, and top Disney show. It has the largest 2-5 crowd (1.5 million) since Atlantis Squarepantis from 2007. It was also Kids 6-11 (1.6 million/6.7 rating), and was the #2 scripted cable TV telecast in Total Viewers (5.2 million). Notably, the movie became the #1 cable TV telecast in 5 years in preschoolers 2-5 and in 10 years in Girls 2-5 (954,000/12.2 rating). On IMDB, the special has a 6.4 rating from 82 users. It also had 1.4 million adults watching it. 

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