Snowdrops (now known as Nettledrops) are flowers found exclusively in the Kingdom of Freezenburg. They are known for being one of the only flowers that can bloom in the snow alongside Ice Lilies.

Snowdrops were first created by the fairy Miss Nettle. However in "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle", it is revealed that the flowers were stolen from her by the Royal Gardener of Freezenburg. As such, the flower has been deeply immersed into the culture of the kingdom and is used in many festivities but without acknowledgement of Miss Nettle. This is until Princess Sofia told the King of Freezenburg (King Henrik) about Miss Nettle and he officially acknowledged her by renaming Snowdrops to 'Nettledrops'. Princess Hildegard stated that the Nettledrop is the first flower every child in Freezenburg learns to draw, and Henrik stated that people use the flower for weddings.

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