Character information
Full name
Gender Male
Hair color brown
Eye color
Occupation(s) King Magnus's castle steward (formerly)

Slickwell is the main antagonist of the episode Baileywhoops. He put a curse on Baileywick as a plot to make him look bad and steal his job as Enchancia's castle steward. He is voiced by Christian Borle.

Role in the series

Slickwell was the castle steward of Rudistan, and he joined King Magnus and Greylock, the royal sorcerer, at the royal jubilee at Enchancia Castle. He claimed to admire Baileywick so much that he gave him a golden double-headed snake pin. During the song Helping Hand, Slickwell was revealed to be jealous of Baileywick because of his job and plotted to steal it by giving him the pin, which he revealed was cursed. Whenever Baileywick had a clumsiness attack, Slickwell tried to talk him into retiring, but Sofia interfered by encouraging Baileywick. After another clumsiness attack, Baileywick was about to retire and gave Sofia the pin Slickwell gave him. Shortly afterwards, Sofia and her pet bunny, Clover, each got clumsiness attacks from the pin. Sofia then realized that the pin was what made Baileywick get clumsy in the first place. When she and Clover went to confront Slickwell, Clover found a book in his bag, which had a picture of the pin on the cover. The book turned out to be The Beginner's Guide to Magically Cursed Objects, and Sofia read that the pin was the Pin of Klutzenheimer, a magically cursed pin that makes its bearer colossally clumsy. This made Sofia realize that Slickwell knew the pin was the reason Baileywick was so clumsy in the first place and gave it to him on purpose as a plot to steal his job. While Sofia went to find Baileywick, Clover took the pin with him to turn the tables on Slickwell. Before the harbor cruise, Clover put the pin on Slickwell, who got super clumsy and wound up breaking off the schooner's steering wheel and putting in the kings and queens in danger. When Cedric and Greylock saved them, Sofia told everybody about Slickwell's plot to steal Baileywick's job. Slickwell realized that the pin was somehow pinned onto him, and everybody was angry, especially Sofia and Baileywick. Roland fired Slickwell as castle steward, and Slickwell responded by saying that he still worked for Magnus, who instantly fired him.

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