Name Sizzle
Shows Sofia the First
Friends Crackle, Princess Sofia
Family The Duchess (aunt)
Enemies Sir Oliver
Powers Ability to breath fire
First Appeared The Royal Dragon

Sizzle is a dragon who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. She is Crackle's childhood rival.

Role in the Series

Sizzle makes her debut appearance in "The Royal Dragon". She first appears as an attendee of the annual Roast N' Toast with other dragons including Crackle and Cinder, and her aunt The Duchess. Sizzle spends much of her time at the Roast N Toast competing with Crackle for the other dragons attention, showing off her talents, and bragging about stuff her aunt has been teaching her. When this makes Crackle say that Sofia is the Royal Dragon of Enchancia, Sizzle is the only dragon is doesn't fawn over her and is unimpressed with her excellent flying. Suddenly, Crackle attempts to do the Quaduple Loop de Spin only to mess it up and crash into Sofia. The crash reveals that Sofia is really a human girl which make Sizzle realize and reveal that Crackle was lying about everything. When Crackle tells the group about Sir Oliver, Sizzle dismisses her warnings as another lie only to learn that Crackle is telling the truth and is the only dragon who doesn't get trapped. Crackle urges her to free their friends with the skills her aunt had been teaching her which makes Sizzle admit that her aunt hadn't been teaching her anything and that everything she said about herself were also just tall tale she made up for the same reason Crackle made up hers and the two dragons reconcile and save the others.


In the castle of Enchancia:

At Royal Preparatory Academy:

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