Shuriki back story
Name Shuriki
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Homeland Northern Islands, Avalor
Race Sorceress
Enemies Elena, King Raul, Queen Lucia, Isabel, Jaquins, Francisco, Luisa, Esteban, Sofia, Amber, James, Miranda, Roland
Likes Everything to be perfect
Dislikes dancing, music
Powers her wand
First Appeared Elena and the Secret of Avalor

Shuriki is an evil, power-hungry sorceress that appears in the crossover, Elena and the Secret of Avalor.


She trapped Elena inside the Amulet  of Avalor and took over the kingdom of Avalor after murdering Elena's parents, King Raul and Queen Lucia. 41 years later, Sofia frees Elena and helps her reclaim her kingdom from Shuriki. Elena breaks Shuriki's wand into two pieces and she turns into an old woman, without power now. She falls into the water, everyone thinking she died.

However, unknown to Sofia or Elena, Shuriki survived, and plots her revenge against Elena to retake Avalor once more, as shown in the Elena of Avalor special, "Realm of the Jaquins".