Sergeant Fizz
Sergeant Fizz
Name Sergeant Fizz
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Male
Occupation Genie cop
Alignment Good
Homeland Tangu
Friends Princess Sofia, Kazeem
First Appeared "New Genie on the Block"

Sergeant Fizz is a Genie who appears in the Sofia the First episode "New Genie on the Block" as the leader and, until the end of the episode, sole member of the Genie Patrol.


Sergeant Fizz is a by the book, no nonsense Genie cop. He follows all 204 Genie rules to the letter and expects all Genies to follow this lead. He has also taken it upon himself to enforce the rules. As the sole member of the Genie Patrol, he is shown to have superb detective skills as shown when he deduced where Kazeem would head after spotting a birthday party. He later mentors Kazeem when he joins the Genie Patrol, and cares for him when he is framed by Omar. Fizz's strict nature can go against him when he has to arrest Kazeem, and wards off magic users from the kingdom.


Fizz first appears after Sofia enters the Genie Patrol's HQ and confirms he's the only one on the Patrol. After hearing about Kazeem and how he went rogue, he makes Sofia his partner and together they take off to him. The two find him at a birthday party granting wishes. Fizz explains the Genie Rules to him like how he can only grant three wishes for the one who let him out and demands he get back in his lamp but the young genie refuses to listen and flies off. The pair chases after him until Kazeem tricks some kids into making a wish that traps Fizz in his lamp leaving Sofia to deal with Kazeem herself since a Jinn spell can only be undone by the genie who cast the spell. The trapped Fizz urged Sofia not to give up and told her she could find a way to stop the young jinn.

Sofia eventually gets Kazeem to obey her and Fizz is released from Kazeem's lamp via Sofia's first wish. Fizz is pleased when Kazeem apologizes to him and is even more so when he undoes all his other wishes via Sofia's second wish and when Sofia uses her final wish to make him a member of the Genie Patrol.

When new wish-granting trouble arrives at Tangu and seems to come from Kazeem, Fizz becomes a detective to try to vouch for him. However, he needs Sofia's help to prove Kazeem was framed, and Sofia discovers the real trouble-maker was King Habib's Royal Sorcerer, Omar, who was actually a dark genie in disguise.