Royal Preparatory Academy
400px-Royal Prep2
Name Royal Preparatory Academy
Films Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Shows Sofia the First
Alias Royal Prep
Location Enchancia
Owner Flora


Inhabitants Sir Gilliam, Professor Popov, Minimus, Electra
Visitors Miss Nettle (banished), Elliot, Amy and Kurt, Cedric the Sorcerer
Final Standing Still Standing

</noinclude> The Royal Preparatory Academy, or Royal Prep for short, is a school where princes and princesses go to learn various studies, particularly in royal etiquette, behavior, arts, magic, fencing, etc.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather serve as the Headmistresses.


The campus includes: stables for flying horses and derby track, a large greenhouse, and a clock tower. The interior has several fancy classrooms for dancing, art, magic lessons, history, fencing, a library, and a cafeteria for eating. There are also offices for the headmistresses, a ballroom for parties, and a gym for training. The students get various textbooks as well as a map of the world for studies. These textbooks often contain things from more than one subject. Sofia's etiquette book, for instance, holds some history and magic. It is probably responsible for her being able to recognize the princesses she summons. The students generally arrive to school by pegasus-drawn carriage, since the only way to get to the academy is to fly there.

Royal Prep offers many activities for the students. They have a school band that plays at parties. Royal Prep has at least three sports teams: the Royal Prep Flying Derby Team, the Royal Redhawks Dazzleball team and the Royal Prep ice hockey team. There are also clubs for students to join for after school activities. Any student can create a club.

It appears that Royal Prep might be an elementary level school, based on the fact that Prince Hugo's older brother, Axel, appears to be a teen and has graduated from the school, same as Hildegard's sister, Astrid. Further evidence is all the students appear to be the appropriate age range as well.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather serve as the headmistresses, though they also teach a few classes. Fauna teaches sorcery, and Flora teaches etiquette and dancing, the latter often with Professor Popov. They care well for new students, especially Sofia. Flora and Fauna helped her get concepts better by drawing pictures of her performing the actions, such as kindness or the school motto, "Rule over others as they'd rule over you." This latter picture, which also happens to be the main picture they have drawn, is rather suspicious, hinting to Sofia possibly being unusual not just due to common background. Fauna is especially close to Sofia, calling her a good princess.

Royal Prep has a fierce inter-school rivalry with both the Junior Knights Academy, a school for Squires, and Hexley Hall, a school for Sorcerors.




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