Raja Vijay
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Name Raja Vijay
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation Ruler
Alignment Good
Family Princess Lakshmi (daughter)
First Appeared "Dads and Daughters Day"

Raja Vijay is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. He is the father of Princess Lakshmi, voiced by Aalok Mehta.


Raja Vijay makes his debut in "Dads and Daughters Day". He first appears with his daughter Princess Lakshmi when they arrived at the Enchanted Animal Park. Lakshmi and Vijay have a very fun time during the canoe and love all the Enchanted Creatures. He and Lakshmi also win the Rumbling Bumbleweed Race. Disaster strikes when King Henrik takes a Pelicant Egg for his daughter despite Miss Elodie's warnings. The angry Pelicants attack the group. Vijay helps the group escape inside a tree by pointing out how it can hold all of them. While they're trapped, He later approves of Amber's scoldings for Princess Hildegard and lets Henrik know this is his fault too. They get saved by Princess Sofia and King Roland who return the egg to the pelicants.