Queen Cecily
Queen Cecily
Name Queen Cecily
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Homeland Kingdom of Zumaria
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, King Roland II, Queen Miranda, Baileywick, King Magnus, Cedric the Sorcerer, Greylock the Grand
Family Princess Vivian (daughter)
King Marcus (Husband)
Pets Crackle
Enemies Slickwell, Crispy
Likes Sofia, Vivian having friends

Queen Cecily of Zumaria is the mother of Princess Vivian who welcomed Princess Sofia into their home when the two young princesses were assigned a class art project together. She is a wife of a king(King Thomas)

She cares deeply for her daughter and is glad that she made a friend with Sofia, to whom she is grateful for helping Vivian come out of her shell. She was revealed to be from the Kingdom of Zumaria, and attended Enchancia's jublilee celebration in "Baileywhoops". We meet her husband, King Marcus, in Season Three.

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