Queen Anya
Name Queen Anya
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation Queen of Khaldoun
Alignment Good
Homeland Kingdom of Khaldoun
Family King Nasir (husband)
Princess Maya (daughter)
Prince Khalid (son)
Princess Leena (daughter)
First Appeared "Tri-Kingdom Picnic"

Queen Anya is the character from the Sofia the First television show and queen of Khaldoun. She is the mother of Princess Maya, Prince Khalid, and Princess Leena. She is also the wife of King Nasir and is voiced by G.K. Bowes.


In the beginning of the episode of "Tri-Kingdom Picnic", she and her family arrived at the royal picnic with the Imperial family of Wei-Ling. She knew the games were about having fun and at the end of the episode she was so proud of her kids that they won the trophy. She returned in "The Enchanted Feast" with her family, was locked in the dining room, worried along with everyone about Sofia. Like her fellow queens Lin-Lin and Miranda, Anya watches out for her family, setting a good example.