Princess Charlotte is the Princess of Isleworth, who was turned into a beast by Zinessa, her kingdom's greatest enchantress, as punishment because she had been rude and insensitive to her friend, Morris the Goblin. To break the curse, Charlotte had to become true friends with Morris. 

Princess Charlotte
Name Princess Charlotte
Other Names Beast
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Homeland Isleworth
Race Human
Family King Philip (father)

Queen Everly (mother)

Friends Morris, Sofia, Zinessa
Enemies Morris(Formerly)
Likes Peacocks, tea, dancing the waltz
Dislikes Being a beast, being called names
Powers Amulet of Avalor (formerly)
First Appeared "Beauty is the Beast"


She was shown to be rude to Morris but really she is a caring person.

Physical Appearance

As a beast: She had brown fur with light blue eyes, black claws, sharp teeth, and a long brown tail. Also she wore a dark purple dress with a pearl necklace and golden tiara.

As a Human: She has tan skin and also the same dress, earrings,and necklace. She is also shown to have auburn-brown, wavy hair.



Sofia's amulet summoned her to help Charlotte break the curse on her since she used to own the Amulet of Avalor. She is great friends with Sofia.