Prince Khalid
Name Prince Khalid
Films Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Male
Age 10 (season 1) 11 (season 2) 12 (season 3)
Occupation Prince of Khaldune
Student and Ice Hockey player of Royal Prep
Dazzleballer of Royal Redhawks
Alignment Good
Homeland Khaldune
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Jun, Prince Jin, Princess Amber, Prince James, Prince Zandar, Princess Vivian, Princess Zooey, Ruby Hanshaw
Family Queen Anya (mother)
Princess Maya (sister)
Princess Leena (sister)
King Nasir (father)
Likes Playing, picnics, Sofia, fun, ice hockey
Dislikes James being a bad sport
First Appeared "Tri-Kingdom Picnic"
Prince Khalid is a young royal from the Kingdom of Khaldune. He attends Royal Prep. He was first in the episode "Tri-Kingdom Picnic". His sisters are Princess Maya and Princess Leena.

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