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Prince Hugo
Hugo in The Flying Crown
Character information
Full name
Nicknames Baby Bro (by Axel)
Gender Male
Age 9
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Prince
Student at Royal Preparatory Academy
Flying Derby rider
Family Prince Axel (older brother)
Unnamed father
Unnamed uncle
Unnamed grandfather
Relationships Princess Sofia (former enemy; close friend)
Prince James (former enemy; friend)
Prince Axel (big brother)
Squires Vaughan and Vance (enemies)

Prince Hugo is a prince and flying horse racer in Sofia the First. He is voiced by Colin Ford in season 1 and Grayson Hunter Goss in season 2. He dislikes that Sofia, as a princess, is competing in the flying derby and he antagonizes and teases her every chance he gets. He bullies James as well. He appears in "Just One of the Princes" and has a cameo appearance as Princess Cleo's partner in "The Shy Princess".

In The Flying Crown, it is also revealed that his personality stems from having to live up to his family's legacy and feeling frustrated at failing to do so. James and Sofia were going to ride for Royal Prep in the flying derby championships against the Junior Knights, but James fell and sprained his wrist, so Sir Gillium and Sofia asked Hugo to join her to ride in the championships. Sofia was nice enough to give Hugo a chance and put the tryout race incident behind her, but Hugo refused to work with her because his pride wouldn't let him be anything but number one. Later, Hugo's flying horse Electra told Sofia that everybody in Hugo's family has been cheered for at the flying derby races but not him. This made Sofia realize that Hugo was feeling left out because of that. Hugo's father, brother, uncle, and grandfather had been on the flying derby team when they were each at Royal Prep, but none of them won the Flying Crown. Sofia told him that they had a chance to do that as long as they do the flying slingshot, and then not only would Hugo finally be cheered for with the song, but he would be the first in his family to win the Flying Crown. Hugo finally agreed to work with Sofia and practice the flying slingshot. During practice, Sofia suggested Hugo sling her since he's bigger and stronger, but Hugo wanted to cross the finish line first, so he insisted Sofia sling him. After Sofia accidentally slung Hugo off his horse Electra three times and his brother ruffled his feathers, Hugo threw his jersey away and quit on Sofia. However, she asked James to help her inspire Hugo. During the race, Sofia and Hugo didn't show up when they were called to come to the starting line. James got the crowd to sing the Royal Prep cheer for Sofia and Hugo, who listened to the lyrics carefully and finally understood the meaning of teamwork. Hugo agreed to ride with Sofia in the race, and they smiled at each other, showing that they were becoming friends. Sofia and Hugo's opponents, Vaughan and Vance saw this and were jealous of Hugo's budding friendship with a beautiful girl. When they had to do the flying slingshot to win, Hugo finally agreed to sling Sofia since he's stronger and she can't sling him too well. When Sofia and Hugo held onto each other's hands. he swung Sofia and her horse around him and slung them to the finish line before the Junior Knights, and they won the Flying Crown. When his brother said they won because he takes after him, Hugo reminded him that it was mostly because of Sofia, who taught him the meaning of teamwork and turned his heart into gold.

Physical Appearance

Prince Hugo has fair skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown right-parted hair. He usually wears flying derby gear, such as black riding boots and a black helmet. He wears a red and black vertically striped vest over a long sleeved white shirt with a high collar and a white ascot. He also wears slim gray pants. However, in his season 2 debut, he was seen wearing a black jacket, a tan vest, and a red bow tie.

In "The Shy Princess", Hugo is seen in his flying derby practice clothes but without his black helmet.


  • As revealed in the episode with the same name, Hugo is the first in his family to ever win the Flying Crown.
  • In his debut, Hugo is proven to dislike princesses in the flying derby when Sofia decided to try out for the team. However, he got over it in The Flying Crown after he became friends with Sofia.
  • Hugo's older brother, Axel, mostly refers to him as "Baby Bro."
  • Despite being younger than Axel, Hugo appears to have bigger eyes than he does.
  • Colin Ford originally voiced Hugo in his debut. Sometime between the brothers' debut, Ford was promoted to voice Axel while Grayson Hunter Goss was recast as Hugo himself.

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