Prince Derek
Name Prince Derek
Shows Sofia the First
Alignment Good
Friends Prince Hugo, Prince James, Princess Sofia
Likes Ice hockey
First Appeared Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Prince Derek is a character from the Disney Junior TV show Sofia the First. He has appeared as a background character, and his name wasn't revealed until "The Princess Ballet". Derek played a bit of a bigger role in the episode "Lord of the Rink". He was a little obnoxious as shown when he asked Prince Hugo, "You're taking ice dancing? Isn't that for girls?" Derek wasn't very loyal to Hugo as he decided to make fun of him but James stopped Derek from doing so.


Prince Derek has mostly a minor role in the series. He made his debut in Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. His name is revealed in "The Princess Ballet".

His first major role was in "Lord of the Rink". Derek first appears when the Ice Hockey team is practicing Ice Hockey on the team and the Enchanted Ice Dancing Class are practicing Enchanted Ice Dancing. While Hugo is distracted by the Enchanted Ice Dancing, Derek takes the puck from him but Hugo takes it back and scores. After Sofia accidentally sends herself sliding across the rink, Derek and the other princes, except Hugo, leave the rink, after Sir Henley decided the rink sharing idea was not working out. Hugo later tells him he won't be coming to Ice Hockey Practice because he's sick.

Some time later, Hugo arrives at Hockey practice seemingly feeling better. At the time, Derek notices Hugo's odd behavior and wonders what he is up too. Derek soon finds out and catches Hugo doing Enchanted Ice Dancing. Derek proves to be a bit disloyal about it. When Hugo tells the hockey team "Go ahead; make fun of me", Derek almost takes it seriously only to be stopped by James. At Sofia and James's urging, Derek tells Hugo he is okay with it. Later, like the rest of the hockey team, Derek is surprised that Hugo is not at his ice-dancing recital. When Sofia arrives and takes Hugo to the recital, Derek and the rest of the hockey team take off after them to see Hugo ice-dance. At the recital, Derek is so impressed by Hugo's amazing talent that he asks him to teach him how to do all those flips. When Flora put a magic spell on his hockey skates, Derek finds himself having more trouble at ice-dancing than Sofia did. The spell on his skates sends him spinning in the air, calling "How do I stop spinning?!", prompting Sofia and Hugo to go after him.