Pin of Klutzenheimer

The Pin of Klutzenheimer is a cursed pin that appears in the Sofia the First episode "Baileywhoops". It has the power to curse anybody who even touches it with colossal clumsiness.


If somebody makes direct physical contact with the Pin of Klutzenheimer, he/she will be super clumsy. The Pin's curse is so strong that it can do its stuff if the victim even touches it.

In the episode "Baileywhoops", King Magnus's Castle Steward, Slickwell, wanted Baileywick's job and gave him the Pin. Consequently, Baileywick had been super clumsy all day until he took it off and gave it to Sofia as he was getting ready to retire out of humiliation. When Sofia wore the pin, she slipped, and the pin fell off her jacket. Just as Clover was about to give it back to her, he stumbled and dropped the pin. That's when Sofia realized that Baileywick didn't get clumsy until Slickwell gave him the pin, which meant the pin was making Baileywick clumsy. When Sofia went to talk to Slickwell, the pin made her fall down, and she knocked his bag off a table. The bag contained a book, and the front book cover had a picture of the pin. The book turned out to be The Beginner's Guide to Magically Cursed Objects. As Sofia browsed through the book, the pin turned out to be the Pin of Klutzenheimer which puts a strong clumsiness curse on anyone who bears or even touches it. That's when Sofia realized that Slickwell knew the pin was what made Baileywick clumsy and gave it to him on purpose so he could steal Baileywick's job.

Later, Clover stuck the pin on Slickwell's behind to give him "a taste of his own medicine" while Sofia told Baileywick the reason he was clumsy, which made him very angry. After the kings and queens were saved by Cedric and Greylock, Sofia told everyone what Slickwell had done and they were furious about what Slickwell did to Baileywick. Roland and Magnus each fired Slickwell and he remained colossally clumsy because the pin was stuck on him thanks to Clover. He lost his book, which likely was taken by Roland and put in the library alongside similar books.


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