Name Mossy
Other Names Swamp Monster
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Homeland Swamp Rock Hill
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Ruby Hanshaw, Jade, Helen Hanshaw, Meg and Peg
Likes Jewelery
First Appeared "Buttercup Amber"

Mossy is a swamp monster who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Buttercup Amber", voiced by Kari Wahlgren. For years her existence was only known to be a legend until she was discovered by Sofia and her Buttercup Troop. She ended up scaring the Buttercups into a chase and they got stuck in a bog, With only Sofia and Amber to save them. The two princesses soon found out she was very friendly and with her help, they managed to rescue the rest of the Troop. Then afterward, Mossy showed the Buttercups the way to the star stones.