Miss Nettle
Name Miss Nettle
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Pets Rosey
Friends Rosey
Enemies Sofia

Prince James
Prince Desmond
Princess Amber
King Roland II
Queen Miranda

First Appeared Make Way for Miss Nettle

Miss Nettle is a villainess who made her debut in Make Way for Miss Nettle. Also the fifth villain who appeared in Sofia the First after Cedric, Wormwood, Hugo, and Boswell. She was an apprentice to Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Though she initially appeared to be nice, albeit vain, she later shows her true colors as the main antagonist in "Make Way for Miss Nettle". She appeared again in the episode "The Enchanted Feast", where she faced off against Cedric. After she failed thanks to Cedric's magic and Sofia's wit, she shouted that she will get her revenge.

However, in the "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle" Miss Nettle was considered to be a sort of national hero of Freezenburg by creating what they deemed the Snowdrop flower. It's the only flower in the world that can live and thrive in the icy cold of the kingdom.

The royal gardener of Freezenburg was sent to find some sort of flower that could live in the snow, all so that they could have a bit of color to their wintry kingdom. The gardener later returned with the Snowdrop flower and the flower immediately became the Kingdom's most prized possession and would even hold an annual festival to show their adoration of the blossom.

Unfortunately, the gardener had not asked Miss Nettle if he could take a few blossoms, instead he had spirited them away to Freezenburg. So she retaliated by stealing them all the Snowdrops away when she had finally found where they were. Sofia met with the King of Freezenburg and after luring Miss Nettle back with the incredibly large bag of blossoms, Miss Nettle was officially thanked for creating the Snowdrops, which they immediately changed the name to Nettledrops.

Miss Nettle thanked and embraced Sofia for helping her.


Miss Nettle is very self-absorbed, and she believes that she should be the most powerful fairy (she even compares herself to Maleficent). This is her driving motivation for stealing the fairies' spellbook. She poses as a gardener who gives a lesson to Sofia, James, and Desmond in order to sneak into the school, where she really plans to steal the spellbook. After the fairies discover her plan, she puts them inside a magic bubble, showing her ruthlessness in obtaining her goal. When she transforms herself into Sascha the Sorceress to get Sofia's Amulet to increase her power, she proves to be very charismatic, persuading all except Sofia, who recognized her laugh, that she meant well. Sofia even doubts her intuition until the Amulet reassures her by summoning Snow White.

Physical Appearance

Miss Nettle is slender, and dresses similarly to the other fairies, although with a different color scheme. She wears a golden yellow dress and pointy hat, with a brown-orange cape. She has orange puffy hair, and light blue eyes. As Sascha, she has brown hair tied into a ponytail, a black cape with clover pins, and an ornate brown/orange gown.


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