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Sofia arrives by coach at her Aunt Tilly's manor to help her get ready for her garden party. Once inside, she meets Tilly's hobogoblin butler Spruce and the magical music box. Tilly gives Sofia a list that she can't make heads or tails of until Tilly explains it to her. Tilly leaves to go get the snickerdoodle sandwitches and broccoli bonbons and leaves Sofia in charge of the house. At first,Sofia doesn't think she can do it but Tilly, through a song, tells her she can do it. After Tilly leaves, Sofia and Spruce clean up the manor for the party.

Sofia plays a green roll on the magical music box that the magic music box says is special though she can't remember why. This turns out to be a big mistake because this brings the manor's gargoyles to life. Lead by Muck, they decide to take over Tilly's manor. When Sofia and Spruce discover them, they try to keep them out but the gargoyles get in through the chimney and kick the pair out. Sofia and Spruce get back inside using a secret passageway they found earlier and turnthe gargoyles back to stone using the stone roll. They then finish cleaning up the manor. 

When Tilly gets back, she and Spruce reveal to Sofia that the whole thing was a test and she passed. As a reward, Tilly gives Sofia a book she says will lead her to her destiny. She then brings the gargoyles back to life and invites them to the party, to their delight.  


Minding the Manor Transcript

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