Name Mia
Gender Female
Occupation One of Sofia's bird friends
Homeland Kingdom of Enchancia
Race Songbird
Friends Sofia, Robin, Whatnaught, Clover
First Appeared Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Mia is a blue bird and one of Sofia's animal friends. She is voiced by Ashley Eckstein.


Helpful and kind, Mia is occasionally a bit of a birdbrain, misunderstanding figures of speech and taking them literally. Even so, she can have a witty comeback to say, often towards Clover.

Mia is always helping Sofia, especially in her transition to princess life. She can provide a sort of 'eye in the sky' and helps Sofia from the air. Mia help Sofia in bed.

Like the rest of her friends, she initially came to Sofia and befriended her for the prospect of being fed, but she quickly became good friends with her.

Physical Appearance

Mia is primarily blue, with a white chest and underbelly. She has large, bright blue eyes, a light yellow beak, and gray feet. The undersides of her wings taper to a lighter blue towards their tips. The feathers on her tail are v-shaped. Mia is rather short and plump, especially compared to Robin.

Friends and Family

Princess Sofia

Sofia is Mia's friend. Sofia always plays with Mia and the other animals. Also asking the questions to Mia and the other animals in her bedroom which they always answer for her.


Clover is a gray rabbit. Mia tells misunderstanding figures of speech and taking them literally to Clover. Mia can have a witty comeback to say, often towards Clover.


Mia is good friends with Robin, and they are never seen without each other. Oftentimes, they are seen flying together in the background.


Whatnaught is often seen with Mia and the rest of her animal friends. As he doesn't speak, not much can be said to their interactions.


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