Name Merida
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Race Human
Friends Sofia, Aunt Tilly
First Appeared The Secret Library

Merida is the tenth princess summoned to help Sofia by the Amulet of Avalor and she appears in the episode The Secret Library. She teaches Sofia if she believes in herself and what she can do and she can accomplish anything.


Merida made a guest appearance on Sofia the First in the first installment of the four-part episode "The Secret Library", which was aired on October 12, 2015. She became the first Pixar character to appear in the series. Merida shoots an arrow in front of Sofia to get her attention as she appears from nowhere. Sofia hoped that Merida can help her find her aunt's bag, but Merida tells her she does not need it, all she needs is to believe that she can save them herself. At first, Sofia still feels doubtful that she cannot do it but with a little more encouragement from Merida with Sofia shooting an arrow from her bow, she finally gains confidence that she can save Minimus and Mazzimo and fulfill her task as the storykeeper. Merida and Aunt Tilly watch Sofia take off with Tilly's winged horse Athena and flies off to the rescue.