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Name Mateo
Shows Elena of Avalor
Occupation Wizard-in-training
Alignment Good
Homeland Avalor
Friends Princess Elena, Gabe, Naomi Turner, Princess Isabel, Zuzo, Chancellor Esteban, Francisco, Luisa, Armando, Princess Sofia
Family Alakazar (grandfather)
Rafa (mother)
Unnamed grandmother
Enemies Fiero, Shuriki, Orizaba
Dislikes Crowds (at times) His mother embarrassing him Disappointing his princess.
Powers Magic
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Mateo is the grandson of former Avalor Royal Wizard Alakazar, and the current Royal Wizard under Crown Princess Elena's rule.

Elena and the Secret of Avalor

When Princess Sofia goes looking for Alakazar and arrives at his home, she is first met by Mateo's mother, Rafa, who dismisses her at first, but Mateo, overhearing everything, reveals himself and wonders what Sofia wants. When Sofia reveals she is trying to free Princess Elena from the Amulet of Avalor, Mateo aids her in summoning Zuzo, Alakazar's chanul, then joins Sofia and the Jaquins as they travel to the ancient Maruvian temple where the Crown of Aziluna resides, bearing witness as Sofia transforms into a mermaid, and then frees Elena from the Amulet of Avalor.

Joining Elena as she returns to Avalor, Mateo remains with Sofia as Elena goes to deal with Shuriki alone, but fails, and reveals that Sofia's own family have now been made Shuriki's prisoners. Returning to his house, Mateo learns from his mother Rafa that she knows the spell to free Elena's little sister and grandparents from the enchanted painting that Alakazar imprisoned them in for protection 41 years ago when Shuriki took over. Returning to the palace, as Luna the Jaquin lures Shuriki and Chancellor Esteban out of the throne room, Mateo sneaks in, joined by Elena, Armando, and the Enchancia Royal Family, and casts the spell, successfully freeing Isabel, Francisco, and Luisa from the painting.

Joining them on the Jaquins, they rally the citizens of Avalor City to march on the palace, and once Elena and Sofia open the gates to let everyone through, Mateo joins Elena, her grandparents, Sofia, and her parents as they lead the crowd to confront Shuriki, then watches as Esteban betrays Shuriki, throws her wand to Elena, and Elena destroys it, freeing Avalor from Shuriki's tyranny once and for all, and taking her place as Crown Princess as heir to the throne following Shuriki's murder of her parents, King Raul and Queen Lucia. Mateo joins in the celebration that follows.



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