Marty and Maple
Name Marty and Maple
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation Fairy Counselors at Camp Wilderwood
Alignment Good
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Prince James, Wendell Fidget, Mandy
First Appeared "Camp Wilderwood"

Marty and Maple are two fairies who are the Councilors of Camp Wilderwood in the Sofia the First episode of the same name.


Marty and Maple first appear when the campers are assembled. They tell them that Camp Wilderwood has fifty Enchanted Activities and over five hundred Enchanted Plants and Animals such as Itching Ivy. When Princess Sofia points out that her brother Prince James is standing on some, Marty apologizes to James telling him "I thought we cleared all the Itching Ivy from this area. Sorry." Marty and Maple spend the majority of the time announcing the various activities and showing and telling the campers how to do them. When they announce the Inter-camp Flag Race, Camp Wilderwood's flag gets stolen. They announce the flag's disappearence before allowing the Race to start. During the race, James and Wendell Fidget are revealed to be the flag thieves and they are using the flag as their sail. Marty tells Maple " Isn't that the missing camp flag?" but Maple lets it slide stating "I suppose I shouldn't let them get away with this. But we're winning." When James and Wendell win the race, Marty tells them to ask next time they want to use the flag. Marty and Maple then call everyone to the Mess Hall for cookies.