Name Mandy
Shows Sofia the First
Age 11 (September 2, 2002)
Alignment Good
Friends Princess Amber, Princess Sofia
Likes Camping
First Appeared "Camp Wilderwood"

Mandy is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode, "Camp Wilderwood". She is one of the fellow campers at Camp Wilderwood, who becomes fast friends with Sofia and eventually Amber.


She first appears when she walks up to Amber, who is disappointed when Mandy asks "And you are?" Sofia comes over and introduces herself and Amber. Sofia and Mandy become fast friends and spend much of their time at Camp Wilderwood in each other's company. When Marty and Maple announce that the Inter-camp Flag Race has begun, Sofia, who noticed how left out Amber felt, insists that they be buddies for the Race. Amber and Mandy finally become friends and when they see that Sofia doesn't have a buddy they invite her to join their team. During the race, the girls' boat run aground. They get saved by Sofia's brother Prince James and his buddy Wendell Fidget. Working together, the five of them win the Race for Camp Wilderwood.