Creepy thing
Name Lulu
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Homeland Kingdom of Freezenberg
Race Mink
Friends Princess Hildegard, Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Princess Clio, Jade, Ruby Hanshaw
Likes Hildegard, Slumber Parties, Pet Contests
Dislikes Being mistaken for a squirrel
First Appeared "The Big Sleepover"

Lulu is Princess Hildegard's pet she first appeared in the sleepover episode. Lulu is a mink.


In her debut appearance "The Big Sleepover" Lulu joins Hildegard along with Clio at Sofia and Amber's royal slumber party. When Jade and Ruby first meet her they mistake her for a white squirrel. Lulu gets a little offended as well as her owner when Jade admits that Unicorns are her most favorite animals in the world.

Lulu reappears in "Blue Ribbon Bunny", where Hildegard enters her in the Village Faire pet contest where she tightrope walks with her back feet and tail in the air.