Lady Joy
Name Lady Joy
Shows Sofia the First
Alignment Good
Friends Princess Sofia, King Roland II, Clover, Princess Amber
Family Lord Gilbert (father)
Enemies Sofia the Worst
Likes Dancing, rabbits, hide and seek
Dislikes Being tricked, pranks

Lady Joy (also simply known as Joy) is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Sofia the Second", she is voiced by G. Hannelius. She is the daughter of Lord Gilbert.


In her debut, Joy came along with her father to King Roland's castle to discuss plans on rebuilding a bridge, and Sofia was to spend time with her. However, Sofia used a copying spell so she could go to the Highland Hootenanny, so Joy spent most of the day with her copy who was a troublemaker that played tricks on everyone, to Joy's disapproval.

Bad Sofia soon gets bored with Joy and ditches her to go to the Hootenanny, which hurts Joy's feelings. Joy angrily storms up to the meeting room where her father is and states "I want to talk to my daddy right now." but is told he's busy. While waiting for her father, Cedric approaches her with an offer. Suddenly, the real Sofia, who has discovered her evil twin's true nature at the Hootenanny, arrives and apologizes to Joy. Suddenly, Bad Sofia appears and starts causing trouble throughout the castle again. Cedric, the real Sofia, and Joy chase her into the conference room where everyone finds out about the two Sofia's. After Bad Sofia reveals that Sofia made her, the real Sofia admits she did so, so she could be in two places at once. After Cedric got rid of the copy, the real Sofia apologized to Joy for her actions and took her to the Hootenanny where they became friends.