King Philip and Queen Everly
Name King Philip and Queen Everly
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation King and Queen of Isleworth
Alignment Good
Homeland Isleworth
Family Princess Charlotte (daughter)
Friends Morris
First Appeared "Beauty is the Beast"

King Philip and Queen Everly are characters who appear in the Sofia the First episode, "Beauty is the Beast". They are the King and Queen of Isleworth and the parents of Princess Charlotte.

After their daughter turned into a beast and went missing, the King and Queen instructed the guards to hunt her down, unaware that the beast they were hunting was their own daughter. When they couldn't find Charlotte in the castle and discovered footprints, they assumed that the goblin, Morris, has kidnapped her. They sent out their guards to find and arrest him. When they finally saw Charlotte as a beast, Philip and Everly at first did not believe she was their daughter. But Charlotte was able to convince her parents and they witnessed their daughter change back after becoming true friends with Morris.