Kamea and Halia
Name Kamea and Halia
Shows Sofia the First
Occupation King and Queen of Hakalo
Alignment Good
Homeland Hakalo
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Prince James, King Roland II, Queen Miranda
Family Princess Lani (daughter)
Enemies Mamanu
First Appeared "The Emerald Key"

King Kamea and Queen Halia are the parents of Princess Lani, who appear in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First.


The royal family was on their way to their home kingdom of Hakalo when Mamanu tried to steal their Emerald Key, but Lei-Lani, the Princess of Hakalo, tries to stop her, but they both fell in the water. When Lei-Lani's parents heard the splash, the king and queen searched for her on the ship but noticed that Lei-Lani fell overboard. The king's ship's officer told his men that Princess Lei-Lani fell overboard, and the Emerald Key was gone. Lei-Lani's parents worried about her, and they would not go back to Hakalo until their daughter was found.

In the end, the royal couple was happy to be reunited with their daughter, and they thanked the Enchancian royal family for looking after their child, keeping their Key safe, and they said goodbye to Sofia and her family, sailing back to Hakalo with a promise to see them again.

That promise was kept in, "Stormy Lani", when Sofia and her parents, were allowed to come to Hakalo for a visit and to help Lani in her quest for the Fire Pearl. The royal family of Hakalo revealed their secret weather powers to their visitors, who were shocked.Both parents had some concerns about Lani's powers because she hadn't learned to control her temper, which leads to stormy weather. The next day, King Kamea explained the ritual and its importance to everyone. As they waited back at the palace Queen Halia grew anxious and concerned for her daughter as the weather started to change. When the storm started to get big Roland wanted to search for the girls but was reminded by King Kamea this was a journey Lani had to do herself. Both parents stated they believed that their daughter could learn to control her temper. When Lani returned successfully with the Fire Pearl, her parents were very proud of her and stood by her as she accepted into the Circle of Leadership with them.