Name Jane
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Age 11 (September 2, 2002)
Occupation Second in command of Carol's Merry Band
Alignment Bad, later good
Friends Carol of the Arrow, Princess Sofia
Enemies Princess Sofia (formerly
Likes Helping others
Dislikes Carol paying attention to Sofia (formerly)
First Appeared "Carol of the Arrow"

Jane is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Carol of the Arrow" and is the main later redeemed antagonist. She is Carol's second in command and one of her Helping Hands.


Unlike Carol and the other Helping Hands who helped others because it's the right thing and out of kindness, Jane helped others to boost her image and feed her ego. When she and Carol met Sofia and Carol invited the young Princess to join the Merry Band (unaware that Sofia was a princess), Jane immediately became jealous of her and sabotaged her at every turn to keep her from joining the Merry Band. After Sofia was revealed to be a Princess, she blamed her for everything that happened stating "I say we forget about little miss Princess here and go save that raccoon ourselves." without shame but did start to feel guilty after Sofia flew away heartbroken. When Jane tried to save the baby raccoon, she fell on the log, which got drifted away in the rough river, and she couldn't swim. When Sofia and Minimus came to her rescue, Jane admitted she was jealous because she was afraid of losing her spot to her, but she learned that there's room for both of them.