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W przeciwieństwie temat swojej Siostry Amber James wcale NIE JEST próżny ï JEST BARDZO pomocny dowcipniś kierunku Sofii. JEST raczej niefrasobliwy na Księcia, czasami wyświetlania zachowanie normalnie nie nie widac w królewskiej, takie JAK podczas dopingu lotu Czy szkoly, z pełnymi ustami Mowi, itpwi ITPwi ITP

He has a normal brother-sister bond with Amber, teasing her that "she wasn't gonna be the fairest in the land" anymore once Sofia came along but out of good-natured humor, though he recognizes Amber's faults enough to tell her that he likes Sofia better than her (although he was just cross with her).

James ma również zly zwyczaj nieprzestrzeganie Thessaloniki Agenda i Stara uns ukryć swoje mes, TAK ABY NIE ukarani, choc kiedy zniszczony na witraż i Sofia wziął wine na niego, czuł sie winny i powiedział rodzicom prawdę, Pokazuje JEST synem Króla Rolanda i Królowej Mirandy urodził się 7 listopada 2002 roku ma 11 lat

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is slender and has fair skin, blond hair and hazel eyes. He has a blue bowtie, green waistcoat, white stockings, and black shoes.

Friends and FamilyEdit


Sofia is a little girl with a commoner's background until her mother marries the King of her Kingdom and she suddenly becomes royalty. Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn’t all that hard, but behaving like one must come from the heart. Prince James and Sofia, though not having been siblings for long, already share a sense of trust, care, and love.


Amber loves her family, especially her father, King Roland II; and her twin brother, Prince James. And while she is holding onto her old haughty, vain, and spoiled behavior, Amber is steadily improving as a princess and a person. She and James care deeply for one another, but are at odds at times when their differences (Example: James is sporty and Amber's not. Example: Amber's vanity interferes with James's sense of sportmanship.) get in the way.

King Ro land IIEdit

Regal na jeszcze rodzaj ppkt i imponujące ppkt i przyjazny. Na NIE dba o TLE, ale raczej na Charakter i Byl Szczęśliwy, ZE Sofii przyjał go Jako swojego nowego ojca. Na I książę James dzielić typowy Więzi Ojciec-syn, na NIE Robi "

King Roland IEdit

King Roland I is the grandpa to Prince James and Princess Amber, he died when they were both at a young age so they do not remember him that well.


Gnarly is a Troll who's lived in the caves beneath Castle Enchancia for most of his life due to a misunderstanding between his people and King Gideon. Sofia first introduced the troll to James, and now they are respectful and friendly towards one another.


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