Name Jade
Gender Female
Homeland Village of Dunwiddie
Race Human
Friends Princess Sofia
First Appeared Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Jade is Sofia's village friend from before she became a princess, along with Ruby. She is very excitable and admires Sofia, remaining friends with her even after she becomes royalty. Jade is voiced by Isabella Acres.


Jade tends to be excitable and energetic, traits she shares with her friend Ruby, such as Sofia her excitement at going to a royal princess slumber party in "The Big Sleepover". However, Jade can tend to be a little temperamental, and gets frustrated very easily, such as how she got annoyed with Sofia in "The Amulet and the Anthem". She also didn't like Lucinda in "The Little Witch".

Jade may not be so forgiving in the beginning but find out friends are very important as she quickly made amends with Sofia later in the episode, and became friends with Lucinda in the end.

Physical Appearance

Jade is a young, fair-skinned girl with very dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a blue and yellow dress that is common village attire. She bears a striking resemblance to Fredericka Assemblia, the original architect of Royal Prep and presumably her great-grandaunt. Starting with "Princess Jade", Jade now wears blue circular glasses.

Episode Appearances


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