Grand Mum
Name Grand Mum
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Occupation Queen of Enchancia (formerly)
Grand Queen of Enchancia
Alignment Good
Homeland Enchancia
Family King Roland II (son)
Aunt Tilly (daughter)
Princess Amber (granddaughter)
Prince James (grandson)
Princess Sofia (step-granddaughter)
Queen Miranda (second daughter-in-law)
King Roland I (husband)
King Gideon IV (father-in-law)
Queen Lorelei† (first daughter-in-law)
First Appeared "Best in Air Show"

Grand Mum is a character from the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. She is the Grand Queen of Enchancia and the mother of King Roland II and Duchess Matilda.


She is first mentioned in "The Amulet of Avalor" by Roland when he tells Sofia the reason he gave her the Amulet of Avalor after it was stolen by Jasper. She told him stories about the Amulet when he was a boy like how it would guide and watch over its wearer. This reveals that she wore the Amulet before giving it to her daughter Tilly.

She makes her debut in "Best in Air Show". She first appears after she arrives at Enchancia Castle. She reveals that Count Barnstorm and the Flying Starwings are coming which she's looking forward to, to Roland's shock. Later, she tries to sneak into the Royal Stables but gets caught by Amber and James. After trying to cover herself with claims of ignorance that the twins easily see through, she tells Amber and James she wants to enter the Starwing Amateur Stunt Flyer contest due to wanting to be a stunt flyer ever since she was a little girl. She also tells them that she needs a horse and disguise so Roland doesn't find out and the twins agree to help. During the contest disaster strikes when a hoop falls on her horse but she gets saved by Sofia's horse Minimus in a way that makes her disguise come off. Grand Mum tries to tip toe away but is caught by her son. Roland asks his mother why she didn't tell him the truth and she tells her son she felt he couldn't handle it. She then takes part in the Starwings' grand finale along with her youngest granddaughter.


  • Technically speaking, as former queen, she should be addressed as Dowager Queen, not Grand.
  • Much like her daughter, she is more adventurous and knowledgeable about subjects that her son is naive about.
  • She and Tilly also share the same facial structure, though Tilly got her skin, hair, and eye color from her father, Roland I.
  • There is a tapestry of her younger self-riding a pegasus that appears in "Tea for Too Many" during the song "Bigger is Better".