Goldenwing Circus
Composer John Kavanaugh
Lyrics By John Kavanaugh
Performer(s) James
People of Enchancia(and Cast)
Length 1:44
Shows A Royal Mess
Sofia The First - Goldenwing Circus - Song - HD01:44

Sofia The First - Goldenwing Circus - Song - HD

Goldenwing Circus is a song sung by Prince JamesPrincess Amber, and People of Enchancia about The Goldenwing Circus.


James: You know it's coming when the wagons appear
Amber: That crazy choreography catches your ear.
Both: The coolest circus in the kingdom is here
All: and the tents are rising!

Amber: It's full of mystical, unusual things!
James: Like magical penguins
Amber: And tigers that sing!
Guards: A three ring little show
that's not what this will be
All: It's four rings of fun 'cause there's so much to see!

At the Goldenwing Circus you'll hear the ring leader call!
At the Goldenwing Circus
The Grandest Circus of All.

Man: Most every circus has some elephants too
Women: I hear they're gigantic, and purple and blue
Cook: With dancing unicorns who enter on cue
All: And they're harmonizing !

Townsmen: Up on the wire Elves are doing their tricks
But doing them blindfolded just for the kicks
James: A Tamer grabs a chair, and waves it everywhere
James/Others: Then dozens of dragons appear in midair!
All: At the Goldenwing Circus, a huge spectacular show!
It's the Goldenwing Circus
The Grandest Circus I Know!

(Instrumental Score)

James: The jugglers juggle but, they juggle way up high
They juggle and juggle, clear up to the sky!

All: At the Goldenwing Circus, there's never a stumble or fall
It's the Goldenwing Circus

All: And here in the crowd, you'll hear the applause
They're laughing and cheering, it's simply because
It's the Goldenwing Circus
The Grandest Circus of All!

Sofia the First


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