Name Gnarlie
Shows Sofia the First
Alignment Good
Homeland Cave's beneath the castle
Race Troll
Friends Teeny, Princess Sofia, Prince James,King Roland II, Grotta, Chief Gnuckles
Enemies King Gideon, King Roland I, King Roland II (Formerly), Grotta (formerly)
Likes Looking at the stars
Dislikes Looking at the sun
First Appeared "Let the Good Times Troll"

Gnarlie is a Troll who's lived in the caves, the Grotto, beneath Castle Enchancia for most of his life due to a misunderstanding between his people and King Gideon, the grandfather of King Roland II.

He meets and befriends Roland's stepdaughter Princess Sofia, and with her help, they clear up the entire misunderstanding and King Roland revokes the law his grandfather made, allowing all Trolls to come out so they can look up at the stars whenever they like.