Minimus is an example of a flying horse.

Flying horses are a special type of horse in the series Sofia the First. They are derived from the Greek mythological creature Pegasus, in that they are a regular horse (usually particularly strong and powerful) with the addition of wings.

Flying horses appear often in the series. They are primarily used by royals to pull flying carriages, as they are faster than regular horses. They are also used in the Flying Derby, which is similar to a regular derby horse race, except in the air.

Typically, flying horses are used only by royalty.

Notable Individuals


Minimus is Princess Sofia's flying horse. She received him though Sir Gilliam in order to participate in the Flying Derby. Minimus is stylized quite differently from most of the other flying horses in that he is not nearly as tall and lanky, and he is a pale purple color instead of the more natural horse colorations.


Electra is Prince Hugo's flying horse. When James sprained his wrist, he couldn't ride in the flying derby championship race, so Sofia and Prince Hugo found themselves paired with each other. Hugo was assigned to ride Electra for the race.


  • Style-wise, the flying horses bear a striking similarity to the character Pegasus from the Disney film Hercules.
  • The Enchancian crest features a flying horse.
  • Prince Hugo was seen riding two horses. The first horse was a big black horse in Just One of the Princes, and the second was Electra in The Flying Crown.

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