Name Flora
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, and Prince James
Family Fauna and Merryweather
Enemies Miss Nettle and Cedric
First Appeared Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Flora is one of the Three Good Fairies. She dresses in red. She is caring, motherly, and sweet, but often gets into disagreements with Merryweather.

Her title is "Her Grace Fairy Flora," though she tends to go by "Mistress Flora" or simply "Miss Flora" more often than not. Flora is the eldest of the three sisters and strives for idealism. She artistically gave Aurora the gift of beauty. At Royal Prep, she teaches etiquette and, along with Professor Popover, dance. Flora was the first one near Sofia's story and is the one responsible for possibly spoiling the ending while showing Sofia the Royal Prep motto through pictures.

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