The Family Wand is a powerful sorcerer's wand that appears in the Disney Junior series Sofia the First. Throughout Cedric's family the wand has been passed down to sorcerer father to sorcerer son and is currently in the possession of Goodwyn's son, Cedric.


At the time of "Mystic Meadows," Goodwyn refused to hand down the wand to Cedric, as he felt he wasn't a good enough sorcerer, only because he keeps interrupting him when casting a spell. With help from Sofia, Cedric proved to his father that he was a good enough sorcerer, and was given possession of the Family Wand. After receiving the wand, Cedric became a more confident and powerful sorcerer.

In "Winter's Gift," Cedric had a habit of losing the wand and as a Wassailia gift, Sofia made him a wand case to put it in.

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