Enchanted Ice Skates are first seen in the episode "Lord of the Rink". These skates are used for Enchanted Ice Dancing. The magic in the skates help the skater perform fancy moves like a Stargazer Spin, a fireball flip, a royal roundoff, etc.


Enchanted ice skates come in different colors. Clio's, Maya's, Amber's, and Sofia's skates are white while Prince Hugo's skates are black and Lakshmi's skates orange. However, during the ice dancing recital, Lakshmi wore blue skates, Maya wore black skates, and Sofia purple skates.

The enchanted skates sparkle as one is skating. Sofia and Hugo are the only ones with skates that glow. Sofia's skates glow purple and Hugo's skates blue.


The skates are first seen in the beginning of "Lord of the Rink". Sofia had a little trouble controlling her skates, which got her to slide into the hockey net. After Hugo saved Sofia from falling, Flora gave Hugo a pair of black skates, so he could give enchanted ice dancing a try. Later in the episode, when King Garrick dropped in to see Sofia and Hugo, he put on Hugo's skates to show him and Sofia an ice hockey move, unaware that his son had enchanted ice dancing skates. When the skates made Garrick do a flip, Hugo lied by saying the black skates belonged to Sofia. Later, after his friends caught him ice-dancing, Hugo tried to convince them that the enchanted skates got mixed up wit his hockey skates, but the hockey team didn't buy it. Before the recital, Maya had black skates to go with her costume, and Lakshmi had blue skates to go with hers. Sofia put on purple skates, and she had Hugo's enchanted skates with her. When Sofia brought Hugo to the recital, Flora gave him his enchanted skates along with a blue tuxedo to wear for the recital. After seeing Hugo and Sofia's performance, the whole hockey team asked Hugo to teach them how to ice-dance, and Flora put a magic spell on their hockey skates. The whole hockey team had more trouble than Sofia did.

Ice-Dancing Moves

These are currently all the known ice-dancing moves as seen in "Lord of the Rink"

  • Stargazer Spin
  • Fireball Flip (Hugo and Sofia were able to do a quadruple)
  • Royal Roundoff
  • Spinning Dragon

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