Name Electra
Gender Female
Race Pegasus
Friends Prince Hugo, Sofia, Minimus, Sir Gillium, Prince James
Enemies Vaughan and Vance
Likes Laughing, seeing her master happy, Hugo's friendship with Sofia, good sportsmanship
Dislikes Seeing her master unhappy, bad sportsmanship, the Junior Knights making fun of Hugo and Sofia
First Appeared The Flying Crown

Electra is Prince Hugo's flying horse who appeared in The Flying Crown. She is voiced by actress Rose Abdoo.


She made her debut appearance in the episode "The Flying Crown" where she was Prince Hugo's horse for the Flying Derby Championship after James hurt his wrist. According to Minimus she comes from a long line of derby champions, Its hinted at this point he might have a secret crush on her when he says how perfect she is and gets so nervous around her.

Electra is loyal and sometimes likes to have a good laugh. She also appears to understand Hugo and his desire to win.She knows he's a good racer just not a good team mate because he tries too hard to live up to his family's legacy.

Over the next few days Electra remained serious around Minimus but over time she becomes nicer towards him and calls him a champion after they win the championship.


Electra is loyal, sarcastic and funny. She really liked Sofia when they first met although she wasn't too fond of Minimus in the beginning. Electra showed dislike and annoyance for the Junior Knights. When Sofia sang the Royal Prep cheer to help Hugo feel better, Hugo felt hurt, and Electra was concerned for him. It's implied that Hugo told Electra that he'd been having trouble living up to his family's legacy. Electra remained loyal to Hugo although she was disappointed that Hugo quit after his older brother, Axel ruffled his feathers with a bad joke. She was very proud that Hugo decided to join Sofia in the race after learning how important teamwork is.


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