Crankle the Ogre is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Enchanted Science Fair".


Crankle the Ogre is the gatekeeper at Mist Ball Mountain and when someone tries to pass him, he gives them a riddle and if they answer it correctly he shall let them pass.

Crankle first appears after Sofia and James arrive at his gate. He tells them in order to pass through they have to solve his riddle first which is: What's more valuable than gold but doesn't cost a penny, is hard to find but easy to lose. To the shock of both the Ogre and Sofia, James actually thinks the answer is a sock which the Ogre states isn't the answer. When Khalid and Vivian arrive, he gives them the same riddle. Khalid also thinks the answer is a sock until James tells him he also made that guess. Suddenly, Sofia comes up with the correct answer: A true friend. After the Ogre confirms her answer correct, he lets Sofia pass but forbids the others to pass as they didn't get the answer right.

He is last seen after Desmond and Amber arrive at his gate. He gives them the same riddle and Desmond gets it right. As he's about to let Desmond through, the Hocus Crocus lands at the mountain and Khalid takes it and runs off with it with the other kids giving chase.

He reappears in "The Princess Prodigy" as one of the judges in the Band Showdown. His name is also revealed in this episode to be Crankle.


  • It is voiced by Keith Ferguson.