Count Barnstorm
Name Count Barnstorm
Shows Sofia the First
Alignment Good
First Appeared "Best in Air Show"

Count Barnstorm is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. He is the manager of the Flying Starwings Stunt Flying Horse show. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Barnstorm was the stable master of the Royal Stables Mazzimo and Minimus were born in. After Mazzimo left to find Wildwing Valley, Gemina and Argus practiced Stunt Flying as a hobby. Barnstorm was so impressed with their skills that he decided to form the Flying Starwings Stunt Horse show. After getting permission from his King, he tested out all the horses in the stable to be in the show and passed all of them except for one: Minimus who he decided was not stunt horse material and ordered him to be lead back to the stable after a crash. He then travelled all over the Tri-Kingdom area with his show. Grand Mum, the Grand Queen of Enchancia, has seen every one of his shows due to her love of Stunt Flying.

He makes his debut in "Best in Air Show". He first appears at Enchancia Castle to announce that his show will take place on Sunday and after the show there will be a amateur Stunt Flyer contest. When Princess Sofia of Enchancia took her turn, he was alarmed by her horse's out of control flying. He is last seen putting on the show's grand finale.