Constable Myles
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Name Constable Myles
Gender Male
Homeland Enchancia
Race Human
First Appeared The Amulet of Avalor

Holiday in Enchancia


Constable Myles was a character who appeared in "The Amulet of Avalor" and "Holiday in Enchancia". He is in charge of all the Enchancian guards, and he does his job well to protect the castle from thieves. he is commanded by King Roland II.


Constable Myles first appeared in the episode "The Amulet of Avalor". He first appears in the Royal Treasure Room, to tell Roland that the Royal Guards await his inspection. He later appears after Jasper gets out and starts stealing every shiny object he can find. He instantly realizes that a thief is in the castle when he sees the scratch marks from the griffin's claws. When Cedric is found in possession of Queen Miranda's stolen tiara, Roland and Myles both assume that Cedric is the thief until Sofia identifies the gryffin as the real perp. Myles afterwards takes the gryffin back to the treasure room.

Myles reappears in "Holiday in Enchancia". When a worried Queen Miranda summons him and tells him that King Roland is still not back, Myles and Wallace set out with the Royal Family to find him in the Royal Sleigh with Minimus pulling it, since all the other horses are sick. While in the air, the spot the King's horses running rampant without the coach, which makes them realize that something happened to Roland. When a blizzard kicks in and forces them to land, Sofia asks him "What do we do now?" Myles tells the young Princess that they should get back in the sleigh and wait out the storm stating "We'll be fine." This only prompts Sofia to shout "But what about Dad?!" and take off into the forest and begin looking herself. Realizing what Sofia meant and realizing that she'll take matters into her own hands, Myles comforts her stating "We'll find him." then sternly adds "After the storm clears." After Roland is found and the Royal Family is reunited, Myles is pleased.

In his most recent appearance, "Minimus is Missing", the location of his office is discovered. Its housed in the middle of the entrance gate's parapets. When Sofia reports that the flying horses are all gone and that she's worried about Minimus, he tells her "Don't you fret Princess Sofia. I'll lead the search party myself. We won't come back until we retrieve every single horse" both to reassure her and keep her from taking matters into her own hands as usual and then sets out with all the Knights of Enchancia to find them.


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