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Name Cedric
Other Names Mr. Ceedric (formerly by Sofia)
Mr. Cedric (currently by Sofia)

Cedric the Sensational
Uncle Ceddy (by Calista)

Gender Male
Occupation Royal Sorcerer of Enchancia
Alignment Bad later Good
Homeland Kingdom of Enchancia
Race Human
Family Goodwin the Great (father)
Winifred the Wise(mother)
Cordelia the Conjuror (Sister)
Calista (Niece)
Pets Wormwood
First Appeared Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Cedric the Sorcerer was introduced as an Antagonist in the premier movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. He is the Royal Sorcerer of Enchancia who plots to steal Princess Sofia's amulet and use its power to take over the kingdom. He is voiced by Jess Harnell.


Cedric is a bumbling sorcerer whose spells often don't work very well, though he takes great pride in and often brags about his abilities. Cedric may be poor at casting spells and making potions due to being impulsive, but he is very talented at building and studying magically enchanted objects. He has a key that can open anything, a flying machine, a folding stand of wands and potions, as well as, according to Amber, a pair of trick shoes. However, due to their small size and Cedric's serious, reclusive lifestyle, they may actually belong to someone else, likely a young sorcerer. Cedric, due to his studies of magically enchanted objects, wants to steal Sofia's Amulet of Avalor, hoping to use it to take over the kingdom and reign as king. In order to achieve this, he often tries to trick Sofia into giving it to him, though his attempts usually fail due to his bumbling nature. Sofia at first mispronounces his name as "See-dric" rather than "Seh-dric", which annoys him to no end but she finally pronounces his name correctly in "Two Princesses and a Baby." Cedric voices his disdain for King Roland, and his annoyance towards Sofia, every chance he gets. His animosity towards the king is likely due to the fact King Roland is constantly criticizing him, and while Sofia gets on his nerves simply because she keeps inadvertently thwarting and dodging his attempts to acquire her amulet. The only one Cedric seems to hold in high esteem - besides himself - is his loyal raven, Wormwood. He seems rather impassive towards James, Amber, Baileywick, and all the other residents of the castle; as they in particular seem to stay out of his way and have made no attempt to irk him. He is normal at first, but when he sees that Sofia has the Amulet of Avalor he grows jealous.

Though his motives may speak otherwise, Cedric is not truly evil. He desires power merely to prove to those that mock him that he is capable of greatness, and it has been revealed that Cedric is very much aware and hurt by how poorly others regard him. One of the main reasons most of his spells fail is actually shown to be due to how easily he gets nervous, especially in the presence of King Roland. While Cedric is devious and conniving, he is not without a heart. In fact it was during one episode that Cedric was visibly touched by Sofia kindness towards him and was grateful when she purposefully spilled a potion on herself during a performance in order to help him display his magical abilities before King Roland and the visiting King Magnus. At this point he declined to use an invisibility potion he'd concocted to steal the amulet, instead using it to show off his magic more. Later he stated to Wormwood that they could always take over the kingdom tomorrow. In episodes following this, he is indeed shown to still be plotting ways to steal Sofia's amulet for the purpose of taking over the kingdom. Cedric then decides to play dirty, first manipulating Sofia when she is cursed, then using Amber, when his costume spell turns her into a butterfly, to seek the amulet as a way to cure her. Then, when he finds out about the Mermaid Comb, he decides to seek it instead by transforming into a kraken, though he was stopped by Sofia. Though the amulet's powers of conquest are unknown, Cedric assumes that, as he did with the comb, that he can break the heavy protective charms on it to use its vast potential to his own advantage. Cedric, however, dislikes cheating, as he revealed when Wormwood cheated at checkers and when Amber asked for his help in making her a costume. In giving her a trick spell, Cedric proves to be similar to the amulet in punishing wrongdoers through harsh magical practical jokes. But he knows that Sofia told him that he was her friend; but he's not sure about to steal the amulet to become king or to do the right thing to be her friend so that way there's no trouble for the kingdom, Sofia, and her family also the people who work in the kingdom.

In "Day of the Sorcerers," Cedric got closest to taking over the kingdom, but changed his ways when he found he couldn't hurt Sofia. This brought him to reveal that he became evil because everyone laughed at him and his magic. Sofia saved Cedric from being exiled for his misdeeds, and Cedric returned the favor by officially making her his apprentice.

Physical Appearance

Cedric is skinny and has black hair with white bangs. He has a long, pointy nose, a purple robe with a yellow bow-tie, and brown fingerless gloves. Though lined and grizzled, he's actually a couple years younger than as Roland II.


Friends and Family

Goodwin the Great

Cedric's father, Goodwin the Great, was the Royal Sorcerer of Enchancia before him, and was considered the greatest sorcerer the kingdom had ever had, saving the king's life many times(nine-and-a-half). Goodwin and Winifred are retired and living elsewhere, but seeing Cedric through a magical portrait they gave him for his birthday. Goodwin gave Cedric his moral code, even if to only a fraction of a degree.

Winifred the Wise

Cedric's mother, was vain and ambitious while doting on her son, encouraging Cedric to make the wrong decisions. Cedric seems to get along better with his mother, while having a more hostile relationship with his father Goodwin the Great. This is likely due to the fact that his mother cuddles him, while his father tries to push him in the right direction. Winifred encourages Cedric to go with his plan to take over the kingdom. Her dark blood mixing with Goodwin's light blood may have led to Cedric being low in power. She has a strand of pearls in the Royal Jewel room.


Wormwood is the pet raven of Cedric the Sorcerer, and is every bit as wicked as his master. Wormwood is also more cunning than Cedric, but due to being unable to talk to Cedric, cannot prevent bumbles from occurring. This changes in "Hexley Hall," when Wormwood receives a permanent Speaking Potion and reveals he is willing to break from Cedric for his own evil plans. When Cedric reforms in "Day of the Sorcerers," Wormwood's stance is still undecided.

Princess Sofia

Cedric is shown to have a love/hate relationship with Sofia. Sofia absolutely adores Cedric and admires him but Cedric is for the most part annoyed by her. When Sofia first arrived at the castle, Cedric was the only one besides Amber who didn't give her a warm welcome, and when he saw Sofia's amulet, he began plotting to take it from her. However, he also shows a soft side toward Sofia because of her affections for him, also with the fact that whenever he starts feeling down about himself not being good enough or not as great a sorcerer as his family line, Sofia always takes the time to reassure him that he is indeed a wonderfully great sorcerer, and was relieved when she started saying his name right. Sofia and Cedric rely on each other for magical aid, as Sofia is powerful but inexperienced, and Cedric is vice versa. Cedric teaches Sofia about her magic, and learns about the amulet in return. Cedric even overestimates Sofia's magic at times. Both have been bullied in their youth because of their magical abilities. Cedric was bullied because he was the weakest sorcerer in his family, while Sofia was bullied for the accidents her growing magic caused when she was seven. These experiences shaped Cedric into an anxious sorcerer, while Sofia's fear of her magical potential led to her keeping her amulet's powers a secret. As the two helped each other out, they became more confident, Sofia even emerging as a sorceress in "Day of the Sorcerers."


  • In the episode "The Enchanted Feast", he first had a crush on Sasha, Miss Nettle in disguise. Later on during the feast when he greatly embarrassed due to a defect in his wand (messed up prior to the feast by Miss Nettle), he got deeply crushed and lost all confidence and hope by Sasha's impressive recovery performance.
  • In the episode The Curse of Princess of Ivy, it is revealed he has a sister that always takes his stuff. He still hasn't forgiven her.
  • Cedric also reveals there that he has an immunity to memory charms.
  • While not good at incantations unless he is confident, Cedric is skilled at the study and craft of enchanted objects, having a key that can unlock anything, especially his workshop. He also knows much about magical creatures who live around objects, such as griffins.
  • Cedric is untidy, but polished his habits thanks to Sofia serving as his apprentice. This, along with confidence and receiving his Family Wand, improved his magic.
  • “Royal Sleepover” he mentions that he studied magic for 15 years, so if he was the same age as Sofia when he started like 8 years old that would put him to be 23 years old.
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