Cedric the Great
Performer(s) Cedric
Length 2:43
Films Sofia the First
Shows Cedric's Apprentice
Sofia The First - Cedric The Great - Song - HD-0

Sofia The First - Cedric The Great - Song - HD-0

</noinclude> Cedric the Great is a song performed by Cedric the Sorcerer (Jess Harnell) in the episode "Cedric's Apprentice", in which he expresses his motivation to obtain the Amulet of Avalor, in order for him to prove everyone that he isn't a failure as a Royal Sorcerer. This is Cedric's villain song, following Disney tradition.


Cedric: They have always told me, since I was a lad
That I'm the worst sorcerer the kingdom's ever had
Whenever things go wrong, King Roland simply stands and claims
"It must be Cedric that's to blame!"

Anytime I try to cast a little spell
No one thinks it turns out very well
But that won't last for long, it's time for me to make my claim
Soon everyone will know my name!

All I need to do is swipe that amulet
Then I will show them who I am, you bet
Once I have the jewel, I can use its power
To take the king's crown, it'll be my finest hour!

They can tell me I'm no good
And call me second rate
But soon they'll see
I'm meant to be
King Cedric the Great!

When I'm the king, everyone will bow
And only do the things King Cedric will allow
Every spell I cast will always go as planned
And those who used to tease me will be at my command!

Thank you, boys.

Chorus: One trick will show them all
Cedric isn't second rate
We kiss the ring of our new king!
King Cedric...
King Cedric the Great!

Baileywick: Cedric, all this noise is disturbing the king's supper. Please keep it down!

Cedric: They can tell me I'm no good
And call me second rate
But soon they'll see
I'm meant to be... King Cedric the Great...

Merlin's Mushrooms...


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