• AnaPoppy160

    I sure hope that Sofia willl return to Avalor with her family to help Elena and Isabel and I hope she will meet Elena's new friends Naomi and Gabe. Also, the evil villians Victor and Carla will return and they will plot to steal Sofia's amulet.

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  • AnaPoppy160

    I hope that there will be another Sofia The First and Elena Of Avalor crossover Episode. Elena's little sister, Isabel, is used to be castle schooled but she goes to school of Avalor. I just thought of new upcoming episode of  Sofia The First and Elena Of Avalor crossover episode, My Fair Princess Isabel will be an upcoming crossover episode of Sofia The First and Elena Of Avalor. I hope that Sofia will see Isabel and help her to be the good student.

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  • Rianto Widodo
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  • SzymonSnella18


    December 27, 2016 by SzymonSnella18

    Książe Janek wcześnie wstał.Królowa Miranda też.

    -Cześć Mamo-powiedział chłopiec.potem Miranda zrobiła mu kanapki.

    -Proszę-powiedziała królowa.Gdy Janek zjadł.Poszedł do swojej komnaty.potem przyszła Miranda.

    -Janku a może pojedziemy dzisiaj na basen razem z Zosią?-spytała królowa.

    -Tak-powiedział chłopak.o 15 Wróciła Zosia.

    -Cześć Mamo cześć Janek-powiedziała dziewczynka.

    -Cześć córeczko-powiedziała Królowa.potem poszli się przebrać.Miranda miała na sobie niebieski stanik i majtki.Janek założył granatowe spodenki.Zosia miała różowo fioletowe majteczki.

    -Janek a gdzie my jedziemy?-spytała Zosia.

    -Na wakację-powiedział Janek.po chwili dotarli na miejsce.Poszli na plażę

    -Ja wejdę pierwsza-powiedziała królowa.potem wszyscy wyszli z karety i poszli się…

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  • Kion'stwin

    What 's your favorite episode in season 3

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  • Daphne443

    My dream

    January 10, 2015 by Daphne443

    The first wiki which I contribute to is Disney Wiki, and the second is Winx Club Wiki. In the Winx Club Wiki I messed up with something (actually I didn't know what it is) and my account was blocked, I really need help, anybody ask the admins to unblock me! Please...... Then I contribute to this wiki and I really happy 'cause I got 100++ edits! Omg thet was wonderful isn't it? Before I contribute to this wiki I really don't understand using the code and until I change to MonoBook I don't know what it is I just wanna change to something different and it turned out to be a disaster, but it helps me to I have to edit in classic editor, and now I finally understand to use code in editing. Then I change back to Wikia mode after I know why it wa…

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  • Kyurem147


    December 26, 2014 by Kyurem147

    Hello community!

    Kyurem147 here, I hope you´re all ok. I´m planing to adopt this wiki because it needs a ADMIN. This means Staff will grant me admin rights that I can use to help this wiki grow and create a better experience for all of you. I think I´m the right person to adopt it because I want to help it grow and delete unwanted pages. Leave a comment bellow if you have any objections or if you support my requests. Thanks everyone.

    Good Luck and thank you for your time.

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  • 장민서


    November 1, 2014 by 장민서
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  • 장민서

    princess sofia

    October 30, 2014 by 장민서

    cute sofia!

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  • Natnarf

    Hi. Natnarf here.

    I have only recently joined the Wiki Community, since I've got nothing better to do in this house other than do chores and looking after my 2yrs old daughter (She loves watching the Sofa the First series, especially Minimus). I've gone and done a lot of changes and edits and Makeovers in the past few weeks, only because I got motivated to patch the site and help the few really dedicated people who have worked hard to make this site as enjoyable and fun as the other Wiki sites. Let's give an applause to Users Furrtwo and Alyssa17 for working so hard to even build the foundation of the site.

    Recently though, some people have been adding pages and topics that aren't even related to the show: like Tinkerbell, Prince Tom Jr., et…

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  • Natnarf

    Hi. I'm FRaN, or Francesca in terms of my real name, but I'd rather be known as Natnarf.

    It's my first blog. I know. What a way to start off my very first blog on Sofia Wikia. I started my account here some few days ago, but I really didn't know what to post or write about. Oh well, let's start then.

    If you had seen my Profile page in Disney Wiki, you would notice there are a couple of [Top]s at some convenient parts of that page. I'll teach you how.

    So I've just been messing around with my Profile every now and then, but hey, it's worth the wait.

    Anyway, as I said earlier, I've been messing around with my Profile page; editing, editing, and adding stuff....tables, Userboxes, Links, Photos...It's not very hard to imagine that yo…

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  • Furrtwo

    hooliganism around the wiki

    November 1, 2013 by Furrtwo

    a shout out to all the vagrants copypasta'ing the same thing on every page!

    but seriously, this kind of stuff is ridiculous and I'm not going to tolerate it around here.

    Sometime soon, I'm going to be working on making a Community Policy outlining what you can/can't do on the wiki, and in the meanwhile make sure that this wiki is top quality.

    still have to make all the pages and add images... >.<

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  • Furrtwo


    August 26, 2013 by Furrtwo

    alright, so I know that I'm preeetty much the only one who's active here, but on the off chance anyone reads this...


    And I'd prefer if we could garner our own, not just snitch them off the Disney Wiki and have all the ones they do... But that should be a priority right now, getting a ton of images for the articles (and getting at least the base article created). Then we can work on the real content/formatting? sound good?

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    Drawing Marathon is finally here! The entire Wiki is allowed to participate in this competition.There are no regestration needed just put your drawing in the comment box. Don't worry you can draw what ever you want as long as it is related to the show. Admins and Bureaucrats will be the judge. Whoever does the best drawing will be mentioned in the Main Page, with rewards such as, Promoted to Chat Mod, and Admin.Remember if you are submitting your drawing, please add it in the Comment Section. The drawing can be added any day. Only 1 entry per user.

    Deadline: August 30, 2013

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