Name Barley
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Male
Age 17 (September 30, 2000)
Alignment Good
Friends Clover, Princess Sofia, Rex, Sassofras
Likes Food, Luxury, Rex
First Appeared "Bunny Swap"

Barley is a rabbit who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Bunny Swap".


Physical appearance

Barley is a rabbit that is the almost spitting image of Clover, though his nails are longer and uncut. His right ear has a longer stripe of dark fur, which is a notable way to tell him apart from Clover.


Barley is very similar to Clover in personality. However he's not as lazy and gluttonous as Clover.


As a country bunny, Barley has never experienced the life of luxury that Clover takes for granted.

Barley made his debut appearance in "Bunny Swap". He first appears after meeting Clover. When he hears about Clover's life, he gushes over it in a way that makes Clover give him weird looks. When the coachman takes him back to the coach by mistake, Barley is prepared to tell Sofia the truth but when he remembers what Clover said about his life and sees the pillow and blueberries she got Clover he decides to stay and enjoy the fancy life. Sofia asks him what he means leaving Barley shocked that she can understand him. Barley's behaviour makes Sofia suspicious of him. After arriving back at the castle, Barley meets Rex, who he fears will expose him. However, upon realizing that Rex is too stupid to be a threat, Barley tricks the dog into leading him to Sofia's room where a still suspicious Sofia serves him a big lunch before leaving for Fencing Practice.

After he finishes the lunch, he plays fetch with Rex. When Sofia comes back and sees this, her suspicions are raised to the point of conviction since the Clover she knows never plays with Rex. To test her suspicions, Sofia offers him a apple which he refuses telling her he's full. With her suspicions confirmed, Sofia angrily demands to know who he is and Barley finally admits the truth and tells her what happened. Sofia and Barley head out to find Clover. All the while Sofia glares at him, furious that he lied to her and tricked her into leaving her friend out in the wild by himself. They get stuck in the Woods. Clover and Sassofras arrive and Sofia takes Clover home while Barley goes home with Sassofras.